International tax law


As the name of our firm suggests, our focus is international. We assist clients with dossiers that involve a foreign link in a wide variety of ways. We analyse tax treaties as well the internal Belgian rules to prevent double taxation. We concentrate in particular on migration and emigration, guidance on cross-border investments and international labour taxation, including pensions.


Whether you are emigrating or immigrating, there are all sorts of aspects to be taken into account when relocating. One country’s laws do not necessarily apply in another country. If you want to move abroad but you have questions about the tax implications of the move (for your pension, for example) and the country you have chosen, we examine all the possibilities and any alternatives. If your company is relocating too, or is being sold, we ensure that this is done in accordance with the appropriate tax rules. And of course, we make sure the procedures are handled properly and provide information on the measures to be taken, such as structuring your assets, your social security, etc. Similarly, if you are planning to relocate to Belgium from abroad and will still be receiving income from your country of origin, for example, we will investigate the tax implications in detail.

Cross-border investments

We assist you with tax matters in word and deed if you are looking to invest in real estate abroad or in private equity. Should you do so through your company, or is it preferable not to do so? Or would it be better to set up a company abroad? These choices are vitally important. Making the wrong decision at the outset can cost dearly in terms of tax, especially if your investment yields returns and you want to channel them back into Belgium. Conversely, we can ensure that as a foreign investor, you can invest properly in Belgian assets.

Doing business internationally

From start-ups to experienced entrepreneurs, more and more people are doing business internationally. Many of our clients are internationally structured companies. Needless to say, our firm has what it takes to assist these companies with their tax. Sometimes a foreign project does not need a heavy structure and opening a branch is sufficient. In other cases, it may be better to set up a new company abroad, if only to safeguard against the business risk.

International labour taxation

Doing business abroad does not only offer tax opportunities for the director’s remuneration received by entrepreneurs. CEOs, CFOs, executives, etc. can also benefit thanks to sound tax advice which we are happy to provide for them and the company in which they work. This applies not only for taxpayers working abroad, but also for expats who come to live and work in Belgium. For the latter, Belgium can grant a particularly attractive tax status on request. Top athletes and artists especially work internationally, and usually not just in one or two countries, but in many different locations. Their tax situation is correspondingly complex. We have now built up particular expertise in this area and would be pleased to advise you. Finally, good tax advice is obviously essential when retirement approaches. Is your foreign pension taxable in the country where the pension fund or insurance company is established or are you liable for Belgian taxes? And if Belgium can levy tax, does this apply at all times? Or can Belgium still tax your Belgian supplementary pension if you no longer live in Belgium?